Lifestyle Medicine & Health Coaching

What is Lifestyle Medicine & Health Coaching?

Lifestyle medicine is the prevention of disorders caused by factors such as nutrition, physical inactivity, and chronic stress. As a clinically trained Physiologist and certified Health Coach, my aim is to help you address these factors, using a series of evidence based measurements, to develop a personalised health plan that boosts your energy, immunity, cardiovascular health and quality of life.


Do you recognise and get frustrated by these symptoms?

• Lack of energy
• Susceptibility to disease e.g. diabetes, heart disease, cancer
• Poor sleep quality
• Compromised food choices e.g. too much sugar and fast food
• Stimulant cravings e.g. caffeine and alcohol
• Controlling your body weight
• Dwindling libido

Initial Lifestyle Medicine Assessment & Personal Health Plan

We begin this one-hour confidential consultation by discussing your lifestyle and goals, and start to build your health profile using heartbeat technology and other related measures including…

 • Medical history

• Blood pressure and ECG (single lead assessment of your heart rhythm)

• Stress resilience and symptoms of stress

• Weight, body composition and hydration

• Nutritional intake

• Strength and Balance

• Posture and movement quality

All results are available and fully reviewed at the time of attendance following which a Personal Health Plan is discusssed and agreed with you. This goal orientated Plan is tailored to you, but could cover areas such as exercise and activity, nutrition, weight control and stress resilience, providing you with a sense of control and motivation.

Fee: on application

Stress, Recovery & Nutritional Analysis

This analysis is ideal for those who want to better manage stress and improve resilience, feel more energised, and ensure the optimum benefits of sleep and nutrition.

Using a professional wearable device this cutting edge recording captures the functioning of the autonomic nervous system through measuring the variability of your heart rate over a three to seven day period.

The analysis is able to quantify times spent ‘stressed’ and times, including sleep, spent in recovery. The data allows a personalised timeline of stress and recovery matched against a diary to provide highly personalised lifestyle coaching. You will also be provided with a Nutrition Diary, to record all your food and fluid intake during the recording period.

During a 1 hour follow up consultation you will receive a full Report quantifying stress and recovery levels, sleep recovery and quality, daily activity and fitness levels, and energy depletion over the recording period. We will also examine the content and timing of your nutritional intake. Based upon the full interpretation of your results, you will receive coaching on appropriate lifestyle interventions, and an update to your Personal Health Plan.

Fee: On application

Ongoing Coaching and Monitoring

After the Initial Lifestyle Medicine Assessment, you have the opportunity to receive 4, 6 or 12 weeks of coaching and monitoring to help ensure that your Personal Health Plan really does become a reality. With continuous support, we can fine tune your goals and lifestyle strategies, make you accountable, and reaffirm your commitment to change.

We will use appropriate modes of communication, including our online coaching app, and meet face to face mid term (8 and 12 week options only), and at the end of your coaching phase, to re-assess key health measures. Wearable technology, to track factors such as your physical activity and sleep quality, will also be considered.

Fees: on application

About Us

Paul Pook leads the Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching programme in collaboration with professionals in related fields. Paul is a Health Coach, Author, and clinically trained Physiologist with extensive experience at the highest level.

Paul’s track record includes multiple Olympic gold medals as High Performance Coach to athletes from cycling and snowboarding, and Grand Slam success as Irish RugbYs National Fitness Coach.

Paul is now passionate about applying the technology and coaching skills he acquired during his sport career, to a wider audience, with an emphasis on long term health and well-being.

Meeting and spending time with Paul has been a pleasure and incredibly informative. Paul is clearly an expert in his field; he has been exceptionally professional and has a unique ability to listen and identify the best way of educating me about my lifestyle.”
Jason Etherington, OBE, Managing Director and Former British Army Attack Helicopter
Force Commander.