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Build resilience

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Combat Stress

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Improve Energy

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A personalised strategy for sustaining high performance

As a corporate athlete, you are exposed to extraordinary levels of pressure. High performers may thrive under pressure but also find that this can have a impact on other areas of life such as

  • Lack of energy
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Compromised food choices e.g too much sugar and fast food
  • Stimulant cravings e.g. Caffeine and alcohol
  • Susceptibility to illness e.g. Colds, high blood pressure, overweight
  • Dwindling libido

This challenges your stress resilience, a key human performance indicator and a crucial element of your success profile and long term health.

Using evidence based analysis, we can identify the areas of your life which are placing you under stress and work on changes which will have a significant impact on your energy and ability to excel in all areas of your life.

Paul Pook is a highly successful Performance Consultant with extensive experience at the highest level including the preparation of teams and athletes for European, World, Olympic and Paralympic Championships. His track record includes Grand Slam success as Ireland’s National Fitness Coach and multiple Olympic gold medals as High Performance Coach to athletes from cycling and snowboarding.

Paul provides a private client performance lifestyle and resilience management service to leaders in business. His unique and evidence based approach combines utter personalisation and medical science to optimise the balance between stress and recovery, helping clients foster greater levels of work and life performance, resilience and long term health.

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