“What can a former Elite Sports Coach, who managed the energy of a Grand Slam winning rugby team and 2 double Olympic gold medalists, teach you and your executive team about sustained high performance, generating more energy, and long term health and wellbeing?”

The Pook Performance ProgrammeTM

Paul works with high achievers, providing a world class performance and health coaching service. His clients include CEOs, Directors, International Sports Coaches and Health Care Professionals.

Cutting Edge Technology | Proprietary World Class Methodology | Instinct

You need to benchmark your health, stress, risk and energy factors.
I use a combination of cutting edge technology, expertise, experience and instinct gained through working with high level performers for over twenty years to give you my overall wellness score, providing you with a definitive measure of where you are today. Please for more information

Armed with the right information, you can now make the necessary choices to take back control of your health and performance and you can now work through the Pook Performance Programme™ – my twelve-week multi-dimensional programme to optimize your overall wellness score and set you up to achieve and maintain the highest levels of performance.
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Now that you have achieved great results, you will know how to sustain the behaviours and habits that fuel your performance and long term health and wellbeing. You will also be mindful of the signs that show when things may start to go awry. And if you want on-going support and tracking of key factors, we are here for you.
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Who is Paul Pook?

Paul has a proven track record as one the most successful and innovative coaches in world sport. A former international rugby player, and bestselling author, Paul applies the skills he acquired, during his exceptional sporting career, to leaders in business, coaching them toward greater levels of energy, sustained high performance, and long term health and wellbeing.

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